Sears Credit Card Financing Options

Sears Credit Card Financing Options

Posted on July 8, 2012 by Amy in Credit Card Features, Issuers, Sears

One of the most convenient and useful features of the Sears credit card is the flexible financing that is exclusive to cardholders.

While the standard Sears card and Sears MasterCard do not earn rewards in the form of points, unlike many other store cards, they do give people access to exclusive monthly savings and coupons for this department store giant.

Some of these deals could be around 10% to 15% off what you would normally pay and apply to a whole range of categories like home improvement, electronics and homewares.

The credit cards, which are issued by Citibank, also give people the opportunity to take advantage of special financing so that you can get what you want even if you do not have the money straight away.

Recent financing options have included up to 12 months interest free on home appliance purchases of $499 or more and up to 18 months interest free on mattress and foundation purchases of $599 or more.

In some cases you may even be able to choose between an interest free period and an upfront discount.

The home appliance offer above, for example, gives cardholders the choice between the interest free period and an extra 15% off the appliance/s.


How To Use A Sears Special Financing Offer

There are several conditions that need to be met to take advantage of these interest free deals from Sears.

First of all, you have to make the purchase with your Sears credit card and request the offer at the checkout.

Once that is done you simply need to meet minimum repayments for every statement and make sure the balance is paid in full by the end of the interest free period.

If you do not pay in full, or if you miss a payment, interest is charged from the date that the purchase was made, so it is important to keep on top of things when you take advantage of one of these offers.

Special financing offers give you access to even more payment options, so it is a good idea to regularly check the Sears card website for current deals and details.

Then you can get the most convenient, flexibility and savings from your Sears credit card at any time.